We havent been to Malaga for so very long, so yesterday we hopped on the bus in the village, nice and early. Its a great service, dropping you off near the port, and we made our way to have coffee in a small chi chi cafe called Sweet Cup. Its very girly and pink, ( my husband complained about the coffee cups!) , good coffee though, and decorated with hundreds of paper flowers on the walls and a faux tree takes centre stage. Delicious pastel coloured iced cakes and macaroons, and the whole place is reminiscent of the famed Laduree shop in Burlington arcade in London.

Malaga was looking very festive, despite the sun. The amazing lights are up in all their sparkling glory in Calle Larios, and along the various wide streets, trees hang with twinkling ornaments, oh and loads of annoying, but colourful parakeets are everywhere-hiding amongst the branches and vying with the pigeons for food.

We headed to the largest store in town, El Corte Ingles, to do a little Christmas shopping. (I was very pleased to see that there is a Jo Malone department. )

The food hall is just great, with the Jamon taking centre stage. The Spanish love their ham as we all know, but at Christmas they really go to town, and a leg of Bellota-the very best, can cost over 500 euros. There were huge wheels of Spains most famous cheese-Manchego,( long and slow matured to fully develop the flavour), jewel like candied fruits, an amazing fish and seafood counter, and boxes and boxes of the sweet treat that is eaten at Christmas-Turron. This is a nougat confection, typically made from honey and toasted almonds, but there were myriad flavours including chocolate and cherry, and orange. We couldnt resist buying some of course.

The day did turn into a bit of a food and drink fest, as we then headed to the top floor where there is a rooftop terrace ( rather like the one at Harvey Nichols), and a good escape from the busy store. It is called the Gourmet Experience, and comprises of speciality foods, (I found jars of my posh cherries in maraschino, hurrah), a shop with a great range of wines and champagnes, lots of local delicacies, a restaurant, chefs at work cooking multinational food; chinese, Italian and posh burgers , and a Gastro bar-a cool place to meet and eat.

This is where we sat and enjoyed some delicious tapas and a glass of wine.

It was really wierd being in a city again , after months of village and beach life But it was nice to dress up a bit ( albeit a bit hot), and we ended our day on another rooftop, at Room Mate Valeria Hotel ,where we have stayed before, and indeed are staying here again in February with friends. Its perfectly placed overlooking the port and out to sea, and five minutes walk from the old town, and we do love a view.

The rooftop bar, including funky sunbeds and a pool, is very stylish, with white and turquoise furniture, cool tiles, and lovely staff. Said view of the port doesnt disappoint either, so much so that I quickly reinstated the ship finder app on my phone to spy on the ferry leaving for Morocco, a large sailing boat, and a catamaran that moored as we had our drinks.

So all in all a very good day!

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