Ripe for the picking

It`s that time of year again here in southern Spain. The avocado harvest has begun.

Spain is the single largest European avocado produce and exports to many countries.

 And this year, Andrew, and our friends and neighbours Mark and Michelle, helped Ana and Vicente and Encarna and family, start the great pick on their land in the campo in Maro.

Avocados have become one of the most important farming products in Andalucia ,( rather like sweet potatoes), and this `green gold` ,( the late season variety `Hass` avocado), is growing everywhere. We are fortunate enough too, to be given carrier bags full of them to eat and share as well. The doorbell rings and we are handed bags of produce. Such kind and generous neighbours and friends.

Ana and Vicentes` trees are about five years old ,so they are easier to pick from, but the fruit picker `pole` with a cutter attached to a small basket at the end, is handy for those avocados growing higher up in the trees.

So off they all went early this morning, wearing `suitable` clothes for a chilly start ,(until the warm sun came up),and dust and scrub and running water from the mountains underfoot.

They all had a great time, loved being part of the what goes on here in the `real` Spain, and in two hours managed to fill sixty crates of avocados ,( there are plenty more to pick), which will go off to Algarrobo ( just along the coast) to the packing station.

As Ana said , “well done `Team Maro`!”

2 thoughts on “Ripe for the picking

  1. Great, I love to see the avocados growing as we walk around the area. A few weeks ago we walked from our home in Nerja to do the “hidden beach” walk through the Maro campo. I’m guessing you will have done this, it’s a really interesting walk and you have to bend double at times to get under the overhanging tunnels of bamboo!


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