A thing of beauty

Today when we were in town, we walked past a square which we have driven past numerous times. The plaza is very pretty, edged with orange trees, heavy with fruit, and the pergola in the square above the cafe, is groaning with bright pink and purple bougainvillea. A cheering sight indeed.

But as we approached , we spied the most magnificent tree I have ever seen. At first I thought it was an orchid tree, similar to the ones in our village street, but they flower in April and May. This tree was huge , reaching up to the bluest of skies, and basking in the hot sun.

The flowers are exotic and tropical looking. Lily-like , with creamy white , yellow-edged centres ,and shocking pink petals. The trunk is thorny ,and the flowers are abundant.

It is, I have found out, a Silk Floss Tree. And now I remember seeing these spiky-trunked trees in Malaga near the port, and wondering what they were-devoid of flowers and bare of leaves at the time. The spikes conserve water by the way…

The tree ( native to South America),is stunning, with showers of gorgeous flowers, and I simply had to stop and take some photographs.

The fruits apparently, contain black seeds, surrounded by a mass of fibrous, fluffy matter , similar to cotton or silk .

I love the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean , and here in Spain , there is always something new to discover. Another name for the Silk Floss is a Tree of Refuge.

How very lovely!

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