Feliz San Isidro!

May really kick starts the fiesta season here in Spain. It`s sunny and hot, it`s Summer!

May 15th is the day to celebrate San Isidro, who is the Patron Saint of farmers ,and also of the nearby town Nerja, it honours Isadore, a farm labourer who according to legend, received divine assistance to help him with his work-he was lauded for his goodness and piety towards the poor and animals. He also performed many miracles…

Being a farming community, it’s an important day in Maro, jointly celebrated with the nearby town of Nerja, and it is usually a colourful, vibrant affair, with a huge procession starting in Nerja of thoroughbred horses ,and carts and oxen, and floats, all decorated in bright colours-one of them carrying a statue of Isidro himself, who makes his ceremonial journey back to the caves in Maro. This procession journeys for about three hours, accompanied by thousands of pilgrims, until it arrives there, where the partying begins!

Spanish flamenco dress is worn, and the traditional colours of red, white, green and black ,(and often polka dots )are seen everywhere. The ladies wear flowers in their hair and the men ,hats , white shirts and buttonholes-maybe red carnations-the national flower of Spain.

This year as there are no processions and parades, our neighbours and friends Ana Mari and Vicente held a supper party to celebrate the occasion, and bedecked their terrace with streamers and bunting ,and we drank Manzanilla de Sanluca ( sherry) with lemonade and ice-a sort of white version of Tinto Verano, to start the evening. A drink traditionally enjoyed at San Isidro.

We dressed with a nod to tradition and we enjoyed a delicious supper with plenty of wine and much laughter late into the night. Good times….

Photos of previous San Isidro celebrations below

I made a pudding!
I made a pudding!

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