Flower power

In the words of Laurie Lee, writing about Spain,

‘As I walked out one Midsummer morning...`

Well it`s a Spring morning really, but to us it seems like Summer, as the sun is so hot.

After our Spanish lesson this morning, we walked to the Hogar cafe to have coffee , a sociable time in Maro, with the usual suspects, drinking and gossiping ,and watching the world go by… a good time for us to practice said Spanish, and make us feel part of the village, ( which we do), as we comment on the weather, and the dog and so on, soaking up the sun and the relaxing atmosphere.

The pavements in the village are full of the scent of orange blossom. I always pluck a delicate creamy white flower -I can`t resist. The bees are loving it too. There are myriad colours of Hibiscus, and Bougainvillea bursting forth , Roses are blooming, and the orchid trees are now in full, gorgeous pink flower.

It is Easter week, and despite there not being the usual religious parades going on, there is a holiday atmosphere, helped by the hot weather , that heralds the season of Spring and rebirth.

The Spanish people are slower to shed their layers of clothing; and sport their shorts and flip flops, but it has started to happen, and they are taking payment for parking for the beach already. And a sure sign of Spring, is that the swallows and swifts are back, dive bombing our pool !

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