Dia de los Reyes

January 6th in Spain is the Dia de los Reyes, or the Three Kings Day. It celebrates the Epiphany, and is the real Christmas day for many Spaniards, but the last day of the celebrations.

This year the colourful, elaborate parades are very much curtailed , but children all over the country will still be waiting for the Reyes Magos to bring them their gifts.

The photos below show the parade that took place in Maro last year, which was a great spectacle, with sweets being thrown into the streets of the village, as the float was driven through. There were children,( and adults) running everywhere!

This year, the all important red post box is here though, in the main street in the village, so that letters can be written with present ideas from the children. Shoes are left by the door to be filled with gifts, and milk and sweets are left for the Three Kings.

The traditional cake served on this holiday is a Roscon de Reyes, or King`s cake. The ring shaped, soft sugary pastry is decorated like a crown, with flaked almonds and jewel like candied fruits.It can be eaten plain, or filled with chocolate ganache or whipped cream. I haven’t attempted to make one yet-maybe next year. But I bought one today, and it looks very pretty, and smells scrummy.

The cake should contain a small figure of baby Jesus, and a dried bean. Whoever gets the figurine wears a gold crown, and has great luck for the rest of the year, and if you get the bean, it means that you have to pay for the Roscon the following year!

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