Sunday Blues

Usually on a Sunday morning here in Maro, the windows are thrown open and our pretty village streets sparkle in the sun , with promises for us at least, of a short drive along the winding coast road to La Herradura , and a day on the beach, lunching at the stylish Bambu. It has become a tradition for us, and we have been regulars there for a few years, (sharing it with our friends when they come to stay), enjoying a delicious long lazy lunch , live music, swimming in the gin-clear sea and staying on the beach until , well we can drag ourselves away, sated by the sun and food and wine. I miss it.
At the moment we have a different vista. An important one nonetheless. The daily disinfection of the roads, pavements and cars by the council. The village has never been cleaner!
One thing we do have is the joy of breakfast outside on the in the Andalucia sun every day …

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