Domingo Ramos

So here in our little white village by the sea, it’s Domingo de Ramos or Palm Sunday, and the windows and doors of the houses in our street are adorned with boughs of olive branches and palm leaves. The church bells in the square rang out this morning in celebration, and I can’t help but think how hard it must be for the elders in the village to miss going to church and their twice weekly Mass. Our priest has joined Facebook we hear! It is day 23 of lockdown with three more weeks( at present) to go. The sun is scorching today and the snow that was on the peak of the mountain above us has finally gone. Wierd for it to be hot enough to be able to swim in the pool and see snow! We believe it’s summer here , as we are not used to such heat in March and April in the Uk, but to the Spanish it is very much still primavera. There are many seagulls soaring above us, having resorted to flying a tad inland as there are no rich pickings on the beaches anymore, and in the evenings under the shadow of the pink hued mountains, swallows ( or swifts) swoop into our pool for a drink.
There is never a dull moment here in isolation with Andrew; laughter filled days with our new routines. Today he has been painting the walls around the pool , so they are an even more dazzling white to add to the blue Hockneyesque vista. Our neighbours continue with their innate generosity and we have had eggs, more avocados, and sweet Frigiliana wine dropped at the door. I have returned the compliment by making fruit crumbles ( with the local strawberries) , and in return I still received more, this time a bottle of delicious green olive oil from Anamari Munoz’s friend’s olive trees. We are so looking forward to raising our glasses in the bar to our lovely community when things move on from here. We are enjoying much vino fuelled laughter on FaceTime with our friends , and I am barking out instructions , such as ‘please can you weed the drive’ and ‘you are wearing suncream? ’, to my son who is working from home in Burnham Market.
I love the sense of humour that has come out of adversity and how resilient most of us have had to become. The lockdown here in Spain is, quite rightly we believe, much stricter than the UK and it works. Why wouldn’t you adhere to it… I am glad that you have the sun shining on you too today.

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