Cactus Love

Everyone seems to have got onto the cactus bandwagon of late, be they the real thing, or prints or ceramics. I had always loved their stark, sculptural stylish Mediterranean /Californian garden look, so when we bought our house here , although we have terraces , not garden borders, I was determined to fulfill  ( in a small way ),  my notions of a Hockneyesque or Marjorelle styled vista !

I am starting with a few pots, and although I still have several Agave , I am not going to buy anymore as they are lethal in a modest space. When we had our decorator here when we first moved in, having spied them , he told me that he always carried a pair of secateurs with him, as he get spiked on every job he does!

What do seem to be growing amazingly fast and flourishing here in the hot sun, are our Euphorbias, (Euphorbia Ingens , or candelabra tree to be precise). You can see here how these two are growing before our eyes, the first photograph was taken in October, the second the other day. The cactus on the left towers above me, already reaching the dizzy heights of about 8 feet.

The asymmetric star on the wall alongside them, I bought from

I was inspired to get it after seeing pictures of one at Berber Lodge in Marrakesh, after my son stayed there. Their star is vintage and came from a cafe in Casablanca, but I painted my (new one) turquoise , and I think it gives a similar vibe.

The three indigo and white prints are A3 in size,and done by my husband Andrew Ruffhead.

Available to buy from his Etsy shop and

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