Feria de Maro

We have had ( and it`s still going on), three days of the annual Maro Feria taking place in our village. The Spanish love to party! And this is the first proper Feria here for three years. It is officially of course the Feria de las Maravillas. The village was swept , watered, painted, clippedContinue reading “Feria de Maro”

A cool Mallorquin escape

`Life is better in Bikini`, or so the slogan on the young and trendy (and jolly nice , friendly staff), T-shirts tells you. We have just come back from four fabulous days at one of the most on-trend, Instagram-able , inspiring ,( designed within an inch of its life by German designer Armin Fischer, inspiredContinue reading “A cool Mallorquin escape”


Two weeks ago we said goodbye to our beautiful , loving, languid, lurcher Harry. A terrible decision, but the right one. He was fourteen and a half, he was old and tired and deaf ,and couldn’t walk properly anymore. Many tears have been shed.  He was born in Norfolk on a farm, and came toContinue reading “Harry”

Virgen del Carmen

On Saturday night ( very hot and humid),we had dinner at one of our most favourite restaurants-Puerta del Mar; a very traditional, `old school` fish restaurant,just off the Balcon in Nerja. We go there regularly, love the staff, the food is fabulous,( huge platters of grilled seafood), and the views are even lovelier-across Calahonda beach,Continue reading “Virgen del Carmen”

Ole! (Flamenco night).

Last night we headed to El Burro Blanco, (the white donkey), the Flamenco club in Nerja. Our friend Martina has been having Flamenco dancing lessons, over the last few years-some even over Zoom , when she is back in the UK, with Belen Heredia Carmona, and last nights performance was a sort of graduation forContinue reading “Ole! (Flamenco night).”

Playa El Canuelo

Oh how we love El Canuelo beach! We were there yesterday and it was heaven. It is ten minutes drive from Maro, situated in the Cerro Gordo Nature Reserve, and just on the border of Granada province. The prevalence of mountains makes for winding roads.  A hidden, wild beach, down a deep incline that isContinue reading “Playa El Canuelo”

It feels like summer…

I`m back! ( by popular demand, I hope too). I did actually read on one of the local Spanish facebook pages someone talking about my Blog , and I felt really guilty for `abandoning` it. So apologies for the radio silence. It`s been a tumultuous few months. Lovely times and horrible times! We had theContinue reading “It feels like summer…”

El Rincon del Esparto

Yesterday on our way to lunch at our friends house just outside Frigiliana up in the hills, we stopped in the village to pop into El Rincon del Esparto, to buy a few lovely things…  I had spied this gorgeous shop/atelier on Facebook, as the lovely owner Lourdes Bueno takes part in lots of traditionalContinue reading “El Rincon del Esparto”

Feliz Dia De Reyes

On the morning of the Three Kings Day, January 6th, we woke to a beautiful sunny day. The Spanish celebrate Epiphany with a parade in the streets .It is Spain`s oldest parade , with the Three Kings dressed in elaborate, brocade costumes, delighting the children by throwing hundreds of sweets onto the streets as theyContinue reading “Feliz Dia De Reyes”


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