Feria de Maro

We have had ( and it`s still going on), three days of the annual Maro Feria taking place in our village. The Spanish love to party! And this is the first proper Feria here for three years. It is officially of course the Feria de las Maravillas. The village was swept , watered, painted, clippedContinue reading “Feria de Maro”

House guests, and the Fiesta of San Anton

Well, we have had a very busy couple of weeks, with lovely friends from Norfolk staying with us , ( third time lucky after two cancelled trips), and a few days celebrating the much looked forward to fiesta of San Anton-the Patron Saint of Maro and also of animals ,and bizarrely `women seeking husbands`! WeContinue reading “House guests, and the Fiesta of San Anton”