Pudding competition in the village

The Christmas programme of activities in Maro, kicked off on Sunday evening with the

Concurso de Roscos y Reposteria Navidena, that is, a competition for the best pudding!

I was persuaded by my friend Ana to enter, aagghh! And so I did. I made a two layered pavola, with whipped cream mixed with mascapone, and loads of lemon curd swirled through it. I topped it with grapes, raspberries and blueberries, dripped melted chocolate over it, and finished it with pistachios. It was all a bit nerve racking, as it was very delicate, and had to be driven down to the Hogar, where the event was to take place.

We had friends join us , and it was such a fun evening with a group of singers singing festive songs, glasses of anise and mugs of the most delicious hot chocolate. There was a table in the middle where the competition entries were displayed-later to be shared out and enjoyed by everyone.

I must say that there was a basket of Roscos which are delicious , very traditional, fried doughnutty twists drenched in sugar with caraway seeds giving them a hint of aniseed-which were really yummy. But…

I won!!!! I couldn`t believe it and I was thrilled!

One thing that I do know, is that the Spanish have a very sweet tooth

The local Mayor gave out the prizes, and like all events in Maro, so many people from the village were there. It was a great evening, and a lovely start to the festive season.

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