With a backdrop of stunning pink and violet hued skies, last night Maro went crazily all things Halloween. Or, as it is known here `Maroween`. A mad, music-filled , colourful fiesta, that celebrates not just all things spooky, but the advent of the sweet potato and roast chestnut season. ( There were plenty of those given out to everyone too).

Maroween is held here over two days, with the whole village being strewn with `cobwebs`, pumpkins and all manner of scary stuff. Roads are closed , and police cars line up watching over the proceedings. Safety and security are taken very seriously here in Spain.

Trick or treating goes on all day and evening, with door bells ringing loudly, and groups of children huddled together proffering buckets to be filled with all things sweet. So all the children are flying around the streets in over-drive!

Being Spain, there are bangers and fire crackers going off all the time too. Hide dog hide!

Loud music went on until past 2pm in the early hours of Sunday morning.

But last night was a sight to behold. Hundreds of people hit the village square. There were food trucks galore, music, ( including later on Placido singing and playing his guitar), lots of dancing, theatre and games, fancy dress competitions, and the village bar worked its socks off serving food and drinks all night.

We loved it all! Especially the costumes.

The favourite themes this year, appeared to be the terrifying paranormal `Annabelle ` doll, (a popular horror film here in Spain) -white dress, red ribbons , plaits and possessed looking face, lots of interpretations of the Day of the Dead, beautiful costumes and flowers in the hair-but scary skull faces, all-red dressed weird characters from Netflix`s Korean series `Squid Game`, white faced brides in shredded lacy frocks, and the usual blood and guts, knife in head,  splattered people-mainly little boys! Oh and what is it about clowns….frightening!

There was such a great atmosphere in the village square, and next year we will definitely be dressing up too!

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