Lake Vinuela

Lake Vinuela is about forty minutes drive inland from Maro, through wide valleys of trees laden with olives , avocados and pomegranates.

The `lake` is actually a man-made reservoir ,providing water for thousands of homes, but its clean, pale turquoise waters, are a tranquil sight surrounded by mountains and pine trees, and it’s a good spot to get away from the sometimes hustle and bustle of the coast. You can picnic and BBQ there, hire a boat or kayak, or cycle and walk along the lake trails.

We drove there with friends, and stopped off in the white village for coffee. It was sleepy and hot, with the usual suspects of battered-hat clad old men watching the world go by , sitting outside the bar.

We had a really good lunch and delicious Sauvignon Blanc at The La Vinuela Boutique Hotel, overlooking the water.

The gardens are manicured within an inch of their life, and house huge palms and cactus, and a plethora of frothy , carmine hued bougainvillea , white hibiscus, shocking pink pelargoniums, and beds of crimson roses.

Also there was grass! It was a bit of a novelty for us all, actually walking on a lawn, after months of flip flopping along sandy, pebbly beaches , dusty village tracks, and swimming pool terraces!

The lawns slope down to towards the lake, and we had the most lovely views from our table on the dining terrace.

It was a lovely, very relaxing escape, and a nice Friday treat.

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