Autumn days

There has definitely been a shift in the weather in the last few weeks. The sun rises later in the morning-with streams of spectacular colours , pink, violet and apricot heralding the morning skies across the mountains and sea, and the nights are drawing in, with a slight chill in the air .

We have put a duvet on the bed, but most nights it is kicked off and a cool ,cotton sheet suffices.

That said, the sun is still hot. But not searing hot.

I am ,( when at home) still only wearing swimwear and a sarong, I am sure when I open the door to our lovely postman Alberto, he thinks I am mad, as being Spanish (they love to define the seasons) , he has abandoned his shorts for long trousers!

We swim in the pool or sea every day. How lucky we are ,to be doing so towards the end of October.

Breakfast is still taken sitting outside on the terrace, and the pavements of the local bars are thronged with people enjoying lazy days sitting in the sun, that for once are not actually too sweltering.

The olive harvest has begun across Andalucia, and rosy, headily scented mangoes, mandarins and chestnuts abound. The Seville orange trees that line the streets, and frame the plazas are starting to ripen, as are the avocados that we see here at every turn.

The sea is actually at its warmest now I think, and we have had several days picnicking on a quiet beach nearby , our dog lying snoozing under the umbrella , while we read or swim in the gin clear water. The only other people there were a couple of fishermen.

Autumn is a good time to walk, and also explore new places and old .

 We went to the white village of Frigiliana today, meandering through the cobbled streets, remembering how when we were last there with friends a few weeks ago, it was beyond hot, and we almost ( but it was too hot to do so), ran back to the car, with the promise of jumping straight into the pool and heaving a sigh of relief!

We have various friends arriving back here all the time now, so life is very sociable, eating in restaurants and entertaining at home.

We are heading to Lake Vinuela , (a man made reservoir), later this week, a place we haven`t been to before. The village is on the famous route of Olive Oil and mountains, with a landscape of low-lying hills and olive groves. Lunch by the lake sounds good to me.

We are also heading back to the vineyard near Sayalonga , the week after next. Always a treat, and going with friends who haven’t been there before.

We hope, like most, that we can plan trips with a little more confidence, and we have booked to go to Ronda for Christmas, and Tarifa in the spring. Exciting. I shall be writing about them all.

In the meantime, I am just loving being outside all the time, with my face to the sun, ( when it`s not buried in a book that is!).

5 thoughts on “Autumn days

  1. This Saturday we have a house in San Juan Is the quiet beach in Maro? We love canuela but think it will be closed down there now


    1. Hi Canuelo beach is open, but the bus stops running at the end of September. Our `quiet` beach is on the side of the road-park and walk down the slope, on the left side driving out of Nerja to Torrox. Its five minutes drive from the roundabout by the Marinas hotel…


  2. Fantastic photos! Coming back with our grandchild and just wondering which beach you would recommend ? Love reading your stories


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