Wow. Well it’s been a very busy few weeks. So much so, that I haven`t sat down and written this Blog for a while.

We have had sun ,sun and more sun. The odd shower over night; bringing the dreaded red dust again, and heat. Relentless heat and humidity ( lots of bad hair days and evenings) too. But I have loved it all.

Best of all though, we have had house guests. We have had two lots of friends staying , some for the first time, and some for the first time for two years. It was so lovely to share once again the beautiful place in which we live, stunning landscapes and vistas, delicious food, interesting customs , white washed villages spilling down the pink hued mountains, and of course the beach, and the now warm , clear , shimmering, Mediterranean sea .

We have eaten at home , in local bars and restaurants, enjoying the best seafood and fish, we have visited wild beaches, busy beaches, pebbly and sandy beaches, and stayed again in pretty Isleta del Moro, introducing this special place to friends.

We have had mad, party times, and crash out by the pool times. But most of all we have had the best fun with the best people, in the most lovely of places.

September songs? Our most-played music in the car and by the pool has been, `Feels like summer’ by Samuel Jack, `Still got the Blues ` by Gary Moore, ( thankyou Robert!), `It’s a Wild World` by Cat Stevens , `Reason to Believe` by Rod Stewart, and finally `Cold Heart (PS1 Remix)` by Elton John and Dua Lipa.

So these will always be our soundtrack of this summer ,and particularly September 2021, when after such difficult times, we felt, at last, as though life was on the up again.

We now have major building work on the house to proceed with,( when our building permit eventually arrives.) It is soooo slow , I could scream!!!! Andrew’s birthday celebrations, including another trip to Isleta del Moro, Christmas with our son -here and in Ronda, and hopefully many more sunny times , because to me it is always Summer here.

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