A windy beach day

I just love the sound of the sea. I love the ozone-y scent of it too. One of the reasons we love going to stay at Isleta del Moro, is that the room we sleep in has sliding doors to the balcony, and we keep them open all night , going to sleep to the sound of the waves lapping on the beach and against the harbour wall. It`s soporific.

On Sunday we headed to La Herradura as usual, and it was hot, hot, hot but VERY windy . Driving along the coast road, we stopped to take photographs, looking down to Canuelo beach. The stunning colours of blues and turquoise and the amazing light were reminiscent of the Caribbean. But we could see that the sea was rough.

Once on the gusty, windswept beach at La Herradura, ( for lunch at Chiringuito Bambu) , the sound of the sea was everywhere, and sunbed cushions were flying about. And if you didn’t weight your towel down with something, it flew half way down the beach. As the day went on, it got windier. That said, I loved it. The sound of the thundering sea and the whistling wind.

We couldn’t venture into the sea at all, which was of course disappointing, but the combination of the heat and the crashing waves, and all enveloping sea spray and ozone was a joy, and we stayed on the beach until 6.30pm.

I hope you like the video clip at the end- featuring our dog Harry – it shows just how windy it was- watch his ears!

Canuelo beach
La Herradura beach
Delicious lunch

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