Beach days

The most perfect beach day.

Back once again to Canuelo beach, the first time this year. Our favourite beach.

It’s the one down the long winding , dusty, olive tree and clumps of wild herbs edged (scary) road. We were very lucky, as we know the owners of the beach chiringuito ,and as the mini bus that takes you down this track, doesn’t start running until June, they gave us a lift to the beach.

We went with friends from Maro, who haven’t been before, and it`s always lovely to see peoples reaction to their first view of this wild stretch of beach, with its backdrop of rocky mountains and pines, and the bluest and clearest water ever.

They loved it. We had gone loaded up with rugs and cushions ,(as well as two dogs), as we weren`t expecting the sunbeds to be there, but Dani , the usual beach bed guy was on the beach with two others, putting up the umbrellas. It caused much hilarity watching them bang the wooden poles into the shingly beach guided by a line of string ! Our friend Mark even joined in …

So we had proper beach beds, which was a bonus. And only a handful of other people on the beach too, so all was calm.

Canuleo is the best beach. The sea was the perfect temperature, and the water as clear as gin. Bliss.

The beach was peppered with mounds of yellow flowers, and edged with wild fennel .The sun was hot and the water was cool. The tang of ozone in the air.

We had a delicious lunch, shaded by a canopy of vines and ivy at Las Piedras. Silver sardines, gambas a la plancha with small shards of caramalised garlic and sea salt, fresh tomatoes , berenjenas con miel ,and our friends shared a huge brochette of fish .

We noticed when we walked to the chiringuito, that the agave and cactus and scarlet geraniums that are planted in the spiky grass and scrub around the restaurant ,all had wire netting around them this time. Why? Goats apparently! There are lots of them along the coast, usually scaling the roadside mountains, but obviously they are getting bolder and heading for the beach… I can`t blame them!

We dozed and read, and swam and laughed, and gave the dogs copious amounts of water to drink.

And as always , we had to drag ourselves away…but we will be there again next week.

Back home in Maro with a handful of seashells , sun kissed skin, and a shower full of sand-a sign of a day well spent!

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