Basket love

I have always loved a basket. Indeed our house here, has many many baskets in the hallway. My excuse is that ( usually), we have lots of friends to stay, and they can borrow them for the beach and so on. So you can never have enough!

I remember buying what is called a `market basket` ,in the South of France as a child, and from then onwards have never been able to resist , so have lots from all over the place , including of course Spain.

Spain is the land of baskets, be they esparto for storing fruit and vegetables, or a simple raffia one for the beach.

 I tend to have a small cross body handbag when I go out, so a pretty, decorative basket is always useful, not just for shopping, but for carting all manner of things that would usually go into a bigger handbag.

A few years ago in Barbados, I bought a lovely large basket adorned with faux flowers, and it was  (and is still), much admired. As soon as I got home, I ordered a plain basket online, and a load of flowers on amazon, and got sticking, and made a similiar one. I wont tell you the price difference!

I have become a dab hand with a glue gun, ( messy and very easy to burn yourself with , I might add ) Ouch.

I bought a lovely woven bag from Indigo in Javea recently (,and I have added faux roses and peonies in a pale, peachy, ashes of roses colour palette, and today I have gone mad and with another plain market type basket. I have added brightly coloured woven braid, bright pink ric-rac braid, lots of colourful pom poms, all around the top edge, and deep red coloured faux peonies on the front as well. The braid and flowers were bought, once again from amazon, and the pom poms very cheaply from one of the `China Home` shops here in town.

I am very pleased with them indeedy!

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