The sun lives in Nerja!

Ever since I have been coming to this area of Spain, to our first house here, before we moved to Maro, my husband told me that he remembered a slogan from many years ago, that he had seen on posters and stickers around Nerja.

 It said `The Sun lives in Nerja!` ( El sol vive en Nerja).

I tried to see if I could find an old poster, or something on the internet that I could get printed, but to no avail. We have several Spanish `tourism` posters framed in our house , so that would have been a nice addition ,with what we have come to find out-is an interesting story.

Andrew said he remembers there being a sticker with the slogan on, in the window of Autos Nerja, in town,  ( where we used to hire our rental car from). But all investigations drew a blank.

Fortuitously recently, we met a friend of Ana`s called Antonio who works at the Museum in Nerja, and we told him the story . He did a bit of investigation for us, and found out that the slogan was created by the late Pepe Angel Santiago in the 1960s. He opened the first travel agency in Nerja, called `Viajes Torremolinos` in Calle Cruz.

So that made sense as the travel agency, ( long gone) was in the same building where Autos Nerja is now, hence when it first opened, it still had the `Sun lives In Nerja` sticker in the window.

So my artist husband Andrew, who has done several artworks depicting locals places here in Maro, Nerja , Frigiliana etc. decided to do an artwork with the slogan on.

It is now finished , as you can see below, and it is available to buy from us direct here in Spain, or   our website ( www, or online at

Andrew is also going to have an exhibition of his framed prints, at the Museum in Nerja on Plaza Espana next year. Details will follow in due course.

The prints below are available now, and are A3 in size and signed by Andrew. So do get in touch if you would like to buy one.

Email :

3 thoughts on “The sun lives in Nerja!

  1. I absolutely love that poster! When we are back I will look online to see if it is still available. Hoping to fly on 30th August.


    1. Glad you like it! It has only gone to the printers today and we are having lots done so we can post it from here to you in Spain or you could collect it. Our phone number is 0034 636 023 625. They are 20 euros unframed . £30 in Uk as better quality paper) but the ones here look good and you can buy A3 frames easily ( also on amazon) Look forward to hearing from


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