`Tis the season. I wrote about the Nispero this time last year, and as the solitary pot of jam that was made was so delicious, I have been itching for the fruits to ripen.

The Nispero ( or Loquat) is growing everywhere here at the moment. The dark evergreen bumpy leaved trees are groaning with fruit, and in the last two weeks with the hot sun, are suddenly ripe and sweet and a soft orange colour, and ready to eat, or cook with.

I must admit that until we moved here, I had never heard of the fruit, let alone see it growing in such abundance. I thought that we might have to pick some from the trees that grow along some of the pavements in the village, but our lovely neighbours arrived back from their campo land yesterday, with a tray of 2 kgs of fruit for us. So kind.

They are a strange slighty scruffy looking fruit-imagine an apricot that has seen better days, and you are seeing a Nispero! But add lemon juice, sugar and vanilla extract, (or scrape some seeds from a vanilla pod ), and you have the ingredients to make jam.

So we now have six jars of the most delicious preserve.

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