Torrijas, or Spanish style eggy bread/French toast, is a scrumptious sweet treat that is served at Easter here in Spain. Our neighbour brought some over yesterday for us, and it was devoured very quickly!

I love, what we call eggy bread, and make it regularly, ( my son loves it too), but we have a savoury version for breakfast, with sea salt and (dare I say ketchup ).

Torrijas is sweet. I remember watching Nigella Lawson years ago, when she made a similar sweet version of eggy bread, and added vanilla essence to the milk and eggs, and sprinkled sugar on it when it was done , and said it tasted a bit like those delicious little doughnuts that you can buy warm in bags of five or six at fairs.

Basically you need slices of good white bread or brioche, you then put milk, beaten eggs, cinnamon, (lemon or orange zest if you wish), and a splash of sherry in a bowl, and dip and soak the bread in it.

You then shallow fry it, until it is crisp and golden. Drench in sugar and/or more traditionally here, drizzle with lots of honey or cana de miel (Spanish sugar cane molasses) and serve .

In Spain they eat it cold ,but for me it has to be eaten warm. Delicious!

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