Good Friday

Good Friday was the hottest of days, with me being able to actually enjoy swimming lengths in the pool, rather than just dip in and out, to cool off. The weather is certainly changing, with the heat now starting early in the day.

Good Friday is obviously an important day in the Catholic Church calendar, and there had been many preparations in the church, in the absence of the usual lavish religious parades that take place during Easter week, all day-and by the time we went to the bar in the square for a drink, just after 7pm, it was packed with a smartly dressed throng of people who had just poured out of Mass-waiting to go on to a concert there (as we were too),in an hours time.

I love the atmosphere in the bar, with people spilling out onto the pavement, and into the square, drinking, eating tapas , gossiping and people watching. We are so happy to be part of this lovely village.

The Easter concert was led by Loli Navas Valverde, a talented musician , ( playing the clarinet),whose family live in Maro, her brother Jesus is also a well-known Tuba player, having played in orchestras all over the world.

But last night it was Loli and her small ensemble of musicians ,who were giving a concert of Musica Sacra, which is sacred or religious music, perfect for Semana Santa.

The group consisted of a flautist, an oboe player, and three clarinets, and the music was equally sad, joyous and uplifting. The setting in our beautiful church was perfect, and the concert was very moving.

2 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. I think you are very hardy swimming in your pool. I will not be in ours for about another 6 or 8 weeks. The longer you are here the shorter the swimming season is.


    1. The water temperature is 20 degrees at the moment and with the heat of the sun in our very sheltered terrace it’s too hard to resist! I have always swam at this time of the year here!


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