Spring is in the air

March in Andalucia. The sun is hot, and there is the sweet scent of orange and lemon blossom in the air. We all have a glut of lemons. We aren’t complaining , but you can`t give them away!

Instead we are seeking out new recipes for fresh lemonade, lemon curd and lemon marmalade.

Here in Maro too, there is the delicious scent of mint on the breeze.

We have just been for a walk through the campo around the village , walking down to the sea, past fields of the stuff growing like mad.

The Nispero trees are laden with fruit-unripe as yet, but we will be making jam out of their sweet, apricotty-vanilla tasting fruit.

The roadsides and meadows are carpeted with poppies staining the grass, and yellow and white daisies basking in the sun against a backdrop of Mimosa, such a pretty picture. Painting the spring in Andalucia.

 So much so, that this morning I had to stop the car and take a few photos, as it looked so lovely. At the same time a farmer walked past with his oxen and plough just to set the rural scene!

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