Dia de Andalucia

Feliz dia de Andalucia! ( Happy Andalucia Day!)

A bit of Spanish history here!

Tomorrow in Andalucia we celebrate and commemorate the 1980 referendum on the Statute of Autonomy of Andalucia, in which the Andalucian electorate voted for the statute that made Andalucia an autonomous commnity of Spain.

After dictator Francisco Franco`s death in 1975, the new Spanish Consitution of 1978 established the right of regions and nationalities to self government.The capital of Andalucia is Seville, and seat of the High Court of Justice here is in Granada. Andalucia is divided into eight provinces.

During the various lockdowns here, regarding where we are allowed or not allowed to travel to, it has proved complicated for us, as we have had to learn what the difference is between a region and a province!

Andalucia is the second largest and most populous community in the country, and it is the only European region with both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines. Inland it is the hottest area of Spain, with Seville having the highest mainland temperatures in Europe. Hence the narrow streets that were built to keep cool, ( tricky to drive along).

Dia de Andalucia is a public holiday, and many towns are decorated with the flag of Andalucia and green and white bunting.

One of the many things I love about Spain, is that there is always something to celebrate!

Our local Town Hall below

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