We haven’t been to the white , mountain village of Frigiliana since July, due to the travel restrictions in Andalucia, but today we have been let out! It`s a favourite place to visit, and only ten minutes drive up into the hills from Maro.

I admit that I have a love/hate relationship with it really, as under normal circumstances , everyone else loves it too, so it can be very crowded and very hot ,as the streets are narrow, and it has- gasp, the dreaded coach parties that arrive there too. But not today.

Today it was quiet. Very. The cobbled streets are steep, and the white painted houses cling to the sides of the hills looking down the valley to the sea. It is picture postcard pretty with amazing views, coupled with shocks of pink bougainvillea and brightly painted doors, and its Moorish, Jewish and Christian heritage is reflected in the original features of the buildings.

It was slightly cloudy , but very warm, and we enjoyed breakfast sitting outside at Vertudes ,a good spot with good views,  at the bottom of the winding street that leads to the older part of the village. There were orange trees abound, postively groaning with fruit, always lovely to spy during the days running up to Christmas. Apart from the few foodie shops and small supermarkets, everything was closed-bars, restaurants, artisan shops selling ceramics, art galleries and so on. Sad to see, but nice and peaceful for our gentle walk to through Calle Real to the Church square.

Amongst the hidden alleyways and side streets , are old ( and new) front doors painted in a rainbow of colours which I decided to photograph ,as they are so lovely and welcoming, and look great against the white walls.

My artist husband Andrew Ruffhead has done an artwork of Frigiliana, and it is available to buy as an A3 print on his website. A lovely souvenir if you have visited this pretty place.

Andrew`s artwork

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