Sunny evening walk

We have had the most glorious, hot -sun filled day, which makes it all the better as it is almost December. Hard to believe that we are still having our breakfast outside on the terrace. After me reading in the sun, and Andrew working on several commissions, we headed off for what became an hour and a half gentle walk ( with our dog of course), around the environs of the village.

We walked out of Maro towards Nerja ,( the brilliant sun lighting up our faces),along the road that hugs the side of the campo land, spying oranges and papayas a plenty. We walked past the Puente del Aguila aqueduct ,and then walked down through the campo where I have ear-marked several tall stalks of dried fennel , which I will go back later and cut, to decorate with lots of baubles for my Christmas decorations.

Gorgeous spikey Red Agave were shooting their scarlet flowers up towards the sun.

By the time we walked over the old brick bridge , on what was the original coast road, there was a lovely fresh breeze coming from the sea, and walking up and onwards along dusty tracks, past poly tunnels full of produce ,and lofty bamboos with their feathery , grass -like flowers, and hundreds of avocado trees , there are lovely views over to Maro and beyond.

This walk really shows how Maro is placed on the coast .You can see it sits very comfortably surrounded by mountains on one side, and the rocky cliffs down to the sea on the other. The perfect combination.

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