The rain in Spain

It is, shock horror, raining ! I have abandoned my beach sarong ,and I am actually wearing leggings- aagghhh ! I am still wearing flop flops though as it isn’t cold.

We were woken in the early hours by thunder and lightning, and Harry the lurcher tucked up , quivering on our bed. He detests any loud noises, and can hear a mere whisper of thunder in the distance, way before we can. I am told this weather won`t last. I have to admit that it has become ever so slightly changeable, as two days ago it was mighty hot.

We walked out at lunch time to Francis` bar for some ( delicious) tapas- gambas a la plancha, and pimientos de padron, and the sun really was scorching.

With the new rules stating that bars and restaurants have to close here at 6pm, lunchtimes, or 4pm have become the new ` early doors` drinking!

 The jacaranda trees that edge the road overlooking the sea towards Nerja, have now been lopped within an inch of their lives. I hate seeing them like this-all stubby and stunted, but we can rest assured that come the spring , they will be back with a vengeance in all their purple-y glory. I have to say that losing their abundant foliage has one positive, and that is that the whole area is so much lighter and breezier.

It is always a joy walking around Maro; the white painted houses are so white, and the paintbox-bright coloured flowers sing against them. The occasional dog scoots out , and the now, ubiquitous screeching of parakeets. There are calls of` buenas dias` ,wherever you walk, and of course the sea wraps around the village, so it is are never far away, which I love.

The campo changes almost daily, with land being ploughed, and seeing the crops at different stages. Some are being lifted , like the sweet potatoes  , and new ones being planted, such as tiny red peppers ,green pumpkins and courgettes.

 I love watching the progress of the banana palms swaying in the breeze on the slope down to the sea, and the lemon and orange trees groan with citrus deliciousness peppering the view, and hang over the white walls of most of the houses.

So although it is very much a different view out of our windows today, with mist shrouding the mountains ,and the terracotta tiles shining with la lluvia ,and breakfast will most definitely be taken inside, it`s still a heart warming vista. I must have summoned it up, as in an earlier blog I did say that the colour grey was becoming so very fashionable in our village.

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