Evening walks

We never forget that living in our little white village of Maro, that we are living in a rural, working area here. Albeit surrounded by the sea as well. The campo is always busy .The gloriously coloured marigolds that I have written about before, that will be heading to the UK for salads, are being harvested at night-bright lights (attached to hats), that light up the rows of flowers. Alongside, the next batch are growing up towards the sun already, no flowers yet ,but looking green and healthy. The sweet potatoes are being lifted every day, and polytunnels are full of courgettes , their vine like stalks curling along the earth , peppered with sunshine yellow flowers. ( I love a stuffed courgette flower-something that is not easy to buy in the UK.) We are being swamped by avocados, the best yet.

The other evening the light around us was stunning . It had been the hottest of days, but by 5pm, a sea breeze kicked in as we walked out. The backdrop of the mountains looked pink ,with lilac , blue and orange hued skies -a hot haze above the cooling waters. There was a shoal of sardines offshore, with cormorants dive bombing to grab them; an amazing sight.

The Marquesa de Maro ` house with its commanding views .

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