Village views

Autumn is bringing us spectacular fiery sunsets over the sea, fields full of colour and produce, still hot sun, and all meals eaten outside- for which I am ever grateful. This is what living in Spain is all about. The Spanish people, despite the heat, are wearing boots and scarves and jeans, whereas I only wear a sarong during my days at home. I admit that it is chillier in the evenings but we are still swimming in our pool on a daily basis. Maybe when we have lived her for many moons, I too, will feel that ( 25 degrees) is much cooler weather!

 For now. For me. It is forever summer.

We ambled through the village streets, down to the campo towards the beach the other evening, before meeting friends for a drink in the bar in the plaza. We chased the (by now) watery sun as it set, turning the sky from a bright blue to the palest shell pink and lilac ,as it drifted down into the millpond that is the sea at the moment. It then burst into flames, and hid behind the old stone ruins of the sugar factory, rendering it impossible to photograph it from our stance.

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