Fields of plenty

The sun is still hot in Maro, and many of the fields around the village are golden too.

I have to show you these photographs that I have just taken when we went for a walk .

Fields of marigolds. They have been under cover for a few weeks, when the sun was really blazing, but now they are revealed in all their glory. Basking in the Autumn sun, under mountains and blue skies .

I`m not fond of them in flower beds at all, but row upon row of tangerine and saffron and bright orange, is a picture indeed. Fields of gold. So what are they for? They are, unless you didn’t know, edible! So they are destined for the UK market, and on-trend edible salads.

The other photos, also show the field alongside, planted with tiny, bright raspberry red coloured roses , and the simply green field, that runs down to the sea, is full of mint. What a divine perfume wafting in the evening breeze.

Now the mangoes are sublime, sweet potatoes are cropping , the oranges are ripening too, and avocados are everywhere. Did you know they don`t ripen on the tree? Everyone here grows them .The best you can ever eat.

We had surprise the other night-we went to our friends` house for supper, and we were given a pudding that looked like chocolate mousse layered with mango. It was delicious. We were told to guess what it was. Yes it tasted of chocolate, but the `mousse` was avocado, with honey and vanilla and cocoa powder. A revelation .It was a recipe by Gordon Ramsey, obviously a man who knows what to do with a glut of avocados!

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