Life`s a beach…

On Sunday it was Andrew`s Birthday, and we had the most fabulous day ( and lunch), at Bambu, on La Herradura beach, with our Spanish friends.

We go there every Sunday. Sunday for us is beach day. It was hot ,and we stayed there until 7 pm, swimming, reading, dozing, and  enjoying every minute of it.

 We have always loved a beach. Where we lived in North Norfolk the beaches are truly stunning, but sadly , for us sun lovers, a tad cold and breezy a lot of the time. Here, the sun has still got its hat on big time, and the temperature is perfect.

What is interesting to us, is that the Spanish people think that as it`s Autumn , this means that you really do not go to the beach. At all. Indeed, when Ana mentioned to Vicente that they had been invited to join us for Andrew`s birthday, on the beach, he said, `but it`s October!`. He did come by the way, but they did leave after our long lunch, while we headed for a swim.

The beach thing is true, and apparently here in Maro, no one goes to the beach ( or indeed swim in their pool) before May, or after the Feria ,which takes place during the first week of September. Elsewhere it`s September 21st. Some beach restaurants close, (the harder to get to ones, like our beloved Las Piedras at El Canuleo), and certainly what have been busy beaches, are now relatively empty, even at the weekend.

But, remaining true to our best love, we will continue to go every week, and be so very thankful that we live here. I love Sundays on the the beach, breakfast, the church bells ringing , watching the boats a, swimming, sunning, and then just hanging out.

It got me thinking about a few other `customs` ,that we have got to know about since we have been living here.

One is that rain means `Migas`. Now we have eaten this very traditional Spanish dish in various forms, and have made it at home too. Migas was traditionally a very cheap , filling meal. It means `crumb`, and is left over breadcrumbs, or semolina flour , fried in olive oil with cebolla-onion. You can of course add anything you wish, chorizo, clams, salt cod, peppers, garlic, even melon. It is delicious, and is very much a winter dish here. They even have a Migas day along the coast , the Sunday before Christmas.

 What I have been told is , that woe betide you go on a Tapas trail if it`s raining though , as if you planned a drink and Tapas in several bars, the first Tapas they will serve you is always Migas, so you will have it at every bar you go to! I know I love it, but…

There are two other things that I am told are very Spanish, and both I adhere to now of course. Firstly, it is very typical to talk to your neighbours next door, or across the road. But instead of walking out of the door a few steps, you holler across the road from the balcony, or said front door. I love it-it`s funny and very neighbourly, and if a car dares to drive past , you moan like hell ;as you can`t hear or be heard!

And finally handbags. When you eat out at a restaurant, or indeed a simple bar or tapas bar, you will often see a woman`s handbag on a chair -of its own. I got told off by a friend for putting my bag on the floor. Sensible really you may say- you wouldn’t want it to get dirty or trodden on. But no, this is definitely not the reason. If you leave your handbag on the floor here in Spain, it is said that the money will run out of it. Of course!

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