Bartreze Sur

In my previous Blog post, I told you that on Saturday night, during our stay in Isleta del Moro, (Cabo de Gata), we had drinks and supper in the nearby village of El Pozo de los Frailles, at the stylish Bartreze Sur.

We first came here in July, for drinks with friends from Javea ,who raved about it, and said how much we would love it, and we did. So this time we booked a table.

The way we live, the interiors we live in, and the things we chose to surround ourselves with, have a huge effect on our well-being and happiness, and creativity and style colour our outlook and inspire, and thus elevate us. This is so very true for me. I have always been creative , (I trained as a textile designer at Art College), and therefore have always been obsessed with design. It ignites passion in me, be it film, fashion , travel or interiors. So it is always thrilling to find a place that does just that. I am forever seeking new ideas, and this place ticks all the boxes.

Barteze Sur is a tiny bar, terrace and store, that has been created out of a very basic village building and outside space. It nods to the vernacular style, but is contemporary, colourful and well, just cool!

I love the yellow and white. It really zings. I love the sail-like sun shades, over the courtyard, and the silhouettes of the banana palm leaves-so architectural in shape. I love the green glass gin bottles against the white, white wall, ( why have one when you can have twenty!). And I love their logo, the esparto fringed roof, the yellow-aproned staff, and the repurposed white gloss painted oil drums for drinks tables.

You quite rightly have gathered , that I just love it! It was a very stylish evening, full of interesting , stylish people, cool music, and the most delicious food. Lots of yummy tapas; tongue-titillating olives, salt cod croquetas, creamy packed with tuna ensalada russa, cured salmon with capers and pine nuts, a sublime milk and meringue ice cream, and the best bread that I have ever eaten.

Catalonia bread or `Coca` bread .Hey what a revelation. It`s sort of a cross between a flat bread and ciabatta, but so much more. It`s thin, smooth one side, and raggedy and crunchy inside. We had it with a smear of pulped tomato and garlic, sprinkled with sea salt. I could have eaten it forever!

We have googled it and found a recipe, and the results will be blogged about in due course. Watch this space.

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