Weekend Escape

I have written about our visits to La Isleta Del Moro twice now, so I can`t really rave on about this lovely place too much to you again. But we left Maro on Friday morning, and drove two hours to this amazing corner of Spain for three days escape. While we were there this time, I tried to work out what it is I love about it so much.

I think that wherever you live, however lovely it is ,you always need a change a scenery occasionally, and well ,mindset really. We have had two months of packing up our house in the UK, and then unpacking and storing stuff here in Spain, sorting out huge amounts of paperwork, buying a car, and everything else that moving abroad entails. We have been drowning in cardboard boxes, disappointed at how two lots of friends had to cancel their stay with us, and as we were due to have a night at Isleta Del Moro with two friends, we decided to add another night ,and go on our own.

This was our third stay at this tiny pension on the sea, and it`s great that they have got to know us, and we have the friendliest of welcomes.

Isleta Del Moro is a unique place, unspoilt , and white and bright and moorish and sea-sidey and almost like going back in time. The pension opened in 1969, and you really could be still there in some ways.

We did very little except eat , drink, beach, repeat. We ventured to the next village on Friday night for supper at the stylish Barteze, ( more of this on my next Blog post), but apart from that, we didn’t go far.

It was perfect. It was hot, and I mean mega hot, very breezy, like walking into a hairdryer on the fullest, hottest speed and temperature. The tiny crescent of beach was quiet, the dog snoozed next to us, and the sea was clear and full of fish.

And talking of fish, we ate the best food. Muy rico!

The freshest clams, dorada, calamari, sardines, and luscious Gambas de Motril- big red juicy prawns cooked a la plancha, served with lemon and bread and alioli.

We slept at night with the balcony doors wide open, just 20 metres from the sea, that lulled us to sleep, along with the clink of glasses, laughter from the bar below ,and flamenco guitar that played until the early hours.

We came back, having felt we had been away for much longer, always a good sign. We are heading back there in a few weeks for more of all of it.

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