Frutas y Vegetales

Our neighbour Isobel has just knocked on our door, bringing us the most lovely, fresh from the campo, fruit and vegetables, and then Ana appeared with three humungous blushing, bloomy mangoes from her father Antonio`s plot of land. We are so very lucky to have produce a plenty, and such kind and generous friends.

Here in Spain, we eat what is in season, so no imported strawberries and beans etc. So now is the season for bananas, aubergines, peppers, spinach , grapes, peaches and of course those sweet juicy mangoes, basking under the hot sun, which are everywhere at the moment. Ovals of gold and red that are harvested as soon as they ripen on the plant.

 Perfect for breakfast ( even though they do tend to drip down your chin!), and delicious whizzed up with cream to make a mango fool, or added to raw peppers, onions , chillies and lime for a salsa, to serve with char-grilled meat or fish.

Spanish peppers are the best, whether they are the small Padron variety or the slightly larger ones like these, just blister them in hot olive oil and sprinkle with coarse sea salt.

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