Donde esta el camion? ( where is the lorry)

We arrived back in Maro on Monday, after a very early start; taxi arrived at 3.30 am. It`s hot and sunny, and it already feels as though we haven’t been away. So far so good.

 Last night, before we met friends for Tapas, we went to check out our storage unit, where the furniture for our new room and terrace will be stored until the new build is done, and we got up early this morning , awaiting the removals lorry.

The roads in our village are very narrow, so various plans were afoot to ease its journey to our house. We decided that reversing down Calle Real would be the best thing to do… we reserved ,(ie blocked), two parking bays opposite the house ( white chairs and a ladder),for the lorry to park,  and explained to our Spanish neighbours about its imminent arrival.

I was so excited, there are lots of spaces on the walls and on the furniture, for our lovely large mirrors, pictures, lamps and so on. Our wardrobes await our clothes. We have also filled two rooms with `stuff`, that needs to be relocated into new drawers and new shelves and coat racks in the hall, so they are choc a block. A mess, albeit a temporary one. Or so I thought.

The lorry didn’t arrive. I rang the removals firm to enquire as to what time they were arriving, and could they ring when they got to Maro, so we could `talk them in`, so to speak. No. The lorry is coming next Wednesday. `It`s on the board`, `that date has always been on the board`.

I don’t think so. There is no way, I booked the collection and packing of our things in the UK, for it to be kept in storage there for twelve days. We had to agree to differ.

I am sooooooooo cross, and upset of course. I was so looking forward today to finishing off the house with our lovely things, and organising storage of most of the rest for the new sitting room and terrace. I now have had to rearrange everything. I had a decorator coming to take away various pieces to spray white, tomorrow,  and two guys coming on Friday to put up six large mirrors and shelves. Next week has been unravelled now too. Moan over.

The bright side is that we have a day off , for much needed rest. We can crash out in the sun, and lie by the pool, and swim and read and eat lemon ice lollies .We have had an exhausting month. And our builder is coming on Friday still, to retile two low walls with the most lovely blue and white tiles, and put our new sink and draining board in, which to me is very exciting! Oh and the Ikea lorry did arrive this morning bringing two cool white chairs and side tables for the terrace.

I think I make too many plans, and I spend my life making lists, without any margin for error. But the removals lorry arriving a week late didn’t go down very well here today!

The pool beckons….

4 thoughts on “Donde esta el camion? ( where is the lorry)

  1. Can imagine how frustrating this must be but just try and chill in the sun and accept that it will all be sorted out soon. My husband would be going apoplectic in that situation, I’m sure, but I’d just lead him to the nearest tapas bar to calm down! Look forward to hearing more about progress soon – you are lucky to have room for 6 big mirrors so the house sounds gorgeous.


    1. Thankyou! We eventually got an apology, and it was due to ferry times being changed as it was Bank Holiday-nice to have been told though! It gave us a couple of days to relax in the sun! So, this Wednesday the removal van arrives! I think mirrors make a huge difference to a room-so looking forward to adding them to the house. We are having an extension built so the biggest one has to wait for the new room! x


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