Moving to Maro

Our house in the UK is all packed up, and we have left the building! It has been an exceedingly busy month! The house looks very bare (of course), and it is no longer our house.

Many people have asked us `aren`t you sad?`. Well no, we really aren’t . Having made the decision to sell almost a year ago, we were `out ` then. We have of course spent four to five months in our house in Maro, every year for the last four years, so it is very much a home not a holiday house. We love our Spanish village , and our Spanish friends, and weirdly having been there for almost five months during lock-down, when we arrived back to Burnham Market in the UK, we really didn’t feel that we belonged in the house anymore. But we will be popping back, and are looking forward to staying in North Norfolk next August.

My husband Andrew`s business, ,is all set up and will carry on in Spain and the UK. Our brilliant printer Jim in Sheringham, posts out the orders from the various websites we sell from, and delivers Andrew`s framed prints to all our outlets along the North Norfolk coast every month to top them up after they sell them. We sell in Spain too, and are hoping to increase the outlets there, and Andrew loves to work on a commission, so he is very happy to discuss our customers` ideas for that individual artwork.

Harry the Lurcher, is following us on to Spain, arriving by in a couple of weeks.

And, we have a project afoot. Planning has gone in to add a large upstairs sitting-room , small terrace and roof terrace on top, so watch this space.

In the meantime, we are being re-tiled! We added lovely new blue and white tiles to the front of our house when we bought it, and now, at last we are putting more on the back wall of the house, and a low wall by the pool. They are in the same series of tiles, blue and white again, but a slightly different design. Exciting!

So Britannia Removals, arrive in Spain on Wednesday, and half of our stuff is going into storage ready for the new build, and the rest is coming to the house. So a busy few days ahead. I am looking forward particularly, to putting our large mirrors in various rooms in the house, and adding , hopefully a touch of magic to our lovely home in Maro. I am also really looking forward to some hot sun, as the weather, I`m afraid to say, here in the UK is appalling!

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