Redondo Fish Bar

As you have probably gathered by now, we just love Tapas!

The best Tapas is also `free`! Something that has yet to happen in the UK, with all their offerings of so called `Modern British Tapas,` ha ha.

Yesterday evening, as we had had to be in town, we went to enjoy some Tapas at Redondo Fish Bar, in Calle de la Gloria, in Nerja. Now there are two Redondo Tapas bars opposite each other, but we are not fans of the original one, but the bright , contemporary , air conditioned ( much needed at the moment),` Fish` one, we really love.

`Redondo` means `round` in Spanish, and the bar is exactly that, which makes it very sociable and spacious .

You buy a glass of wine or beer, you get a complimentary Tapas, hot or cold. It`s as simple as that.

We sat at the round bar of course , as we always like the buzz ,and had icy cold Barbadillo, and the most delicious tapas; the famed Russian Salad, Gambas a la plancha,( you watch everything being cooked),  Calamiritos ( baby quid) cooked a la plancha and then doused in garlicky oil, chorizo, pinchitos ,and of course Tortilla. Just perfect.

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