Let the Music Play

Last night was the first night that we have had live music in the village square. It varies from year to year which month it starts, sometimes July, sometimes in August, but obviously this year everything has been topsy turvy. So now Saturday nights it is.

The Balcon bar re-opened last week, with its brand new look, and the old black and white photographs of Maro that we had printed and framed for the wall for them, look good I think; a real talking point. Lots of people have been seen peering at them, working out where a particular view is, or whose Grandfather the young man smoking or playing cards is, in the photograph. Great fun.

It was lovely to see the bar back in action so to speak, and the plaza was full of tables and chairs , everyone eating and drinking, busy and buzzy. There was also the most amazing moon , reflected eerily in the sea.

Placido Vera Galvez or simply `Placido` as he is known here, has been singing, playing and teaching music forever, and we always look forward to seeing him perform. He has a great voice, and it`s an evening of great people watching too, as they strut their stuff on the dance floor. there is always a bit of a light show too! How lucky we are to live in Maro in such a special, authentically Spanish village, and sitting outside last night with friends, until midnight in the warm air, the square back lit by the moon , it really hit home.

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