When we bought our house in 2016, we bought it from the person who had it totally reformed in 2000. When she bought it back then, it had been empty for many years, and as you will see below, it was a total wreck.

We recently asked architect Hector Sequero who re-designed it in 2000, if he had any of the original photographs that we could look at, as it`s always fascinating to see what has been done to a property. We were very excited to see what he had. They aren’t great, quality wise, but you can certainly see how our house has changed.

He had it pulled down completely ,and the façade was re-built in the style of the other houses in the road, so it now looks as though it has always been there, and just been kept in good condition over the years. You will see that the height of the whole house has changed, and more windows have been added. We do still have the original front door though. When we bought the house it was stained brown, which is very popular here, and we really do not like, so we painted it our favourite turquoise colour, and also replaced the terracotta coloured tiles on the front of the house, with Spanish style blue and white ceramic ones. The house now has a traditional but contemporary feel.

At the back of the house is what is/was known as the `corral`, literally a `pen`. Because it was where the animals- think mule/horse/chickens etc were kept, and there were numerous bodged together out-buildings. By the year 2000 before the reform, this was basically just a huge pile of rubble and broken walls, and just a huge mess. I think Ruth who bought the house, was quite brave, but with the vision of Hector managed to create a lovely house with a dining terrace and swimming pool from the glass doors in the sitting room.

Off the landing upstairs you walk onto a roof terrace. The photographs show that it was obviously rarely used , and if it was, it was , as is the habit of the Spanish, used to dry washing on. It is us, the `mad dogs and Englishmen ` who use these terraces as a sun spot, to bask in the rays. The walls originally were lumpy ,and roughly plastered and white washed. It has been transformed.

We of course also dry washing on our terrace, but it also has a shaded pergola over a dining table, and sun loungers  and chairs, which is lovely for the cooler months, when the sun leaves the terraces downstairs earlier in the day, but hits the roof terrace.

 I love walking out barefoot onto the warm tiles first thing in the morning, and drinking in the glorious views from here, of the mountains and over the sea ; to the cliffs of Maro, the Cerro Gordo, and the watch tower towards Canuleo and La Herradura.

There are now plans afoot to do another transformation , with the help of Hector, but you will have to wait, and watch this space!

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