Tapas fun

So last night we headed into town with our lovely Spanish friends Ana and Vicente, to enjoy some Tapas, ( after a hectic day of a trip to Ikea in Malaga and work). It was sooo humid, which I hate. I love the sun and the heat, but humidity is so exhausting, and plays havoc with newly blow-dried hair!

We are really loving being able to eat out and walk about again. So fortunate.

La Puntilla Restaurant and Tapas bar is tucked away in a mostly residential area of Nerja, (hence it is tricky to park there), and it is a firm favourite of ours. We love the fact that is very Spanish , not touristy, family run, great staff , fabulous fish, and if you go for the Tapas option, which we did last night, very good value. They have added extra stools and high tables outside for Tapas, to create more room in the usually crammed bar, so we sat outside be-moaning the heat , where we usually sit, if we go for supper.

It is typical of many bars and restaurants in Spain, in that it`s always better to eat in the bar or outside, as the restaurant proper (in winter), has great food, but little atmosphere, blinding overhead lights and basic furniture. I love eating out of doors though, so it was perfect.

It was a good opportunity to practise our Spanish, and when we are with Ana and Vicente, we love discussing and comparing idiomatic differences in our language, slang, and weird phrases and words, ( I won`t divulge ,ha ha). So, much hilarity ensued.

One beer or glass of wine, and one complimentary Tapas, that’s how it goes at La Puntilla. If you eat in the bar, you can watch it being cooked on the plancha grill . We had Gambas Pil Pil, Gambas a la Plancha, Chorizo, and my favourite Coquinas clams. Yum.

After this we walked around the corner to a tiny, very old bar called Taberna de Pepe. The walls are lined with old wood working tools, and legs of Jamon Serrano hung behind the bar. This is a regular sight in most traditional bars, as all the Spanish love this iconic jamon !

Typically,there were lots of old men gossiping over a cerveza, and we bumped into Emilio who barbeques the pulpo at Merendero 34 ,where we had a beach lunch recently-so once again I was talking only in Spanish. Eeek!

Very simple Tapas here, but utterly delicious; slices of baguette , rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with either slices of the melt in the mouth Jamon, or crumbly, aged Manchego . Such a fun evening with such good friends, and much laughter, even if it had turned into a very bad hair day for me!

2 thoughts on “Tapas fun

  1. Lovely to read this. We are finally getting back to our beloved second home next Friday so can’t wait to enjoy tapas again. Like you I struggle with humidity though!


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