As I have said before, it is such a good idea here to go into town early in the morning before the real heat sets in, and yesterday was a morning of errands again. We have at last, after another visit to the Town Hall, got our Padron certificate. This is necessary if you own a house here for more than a few years, and more importantly it`s one of the documents that you need, if you are applying for `Residencia` which we are. ( If you live in Spain for more than six months, you have to become a` Resident`, irrelevant if you have a house anywhere else, it`s all to do with how many days you spend here.) Having your house registered on the Padron, proves to the police that you live here, and it also means that your local council can get funding for various things as it`s done per registered property , it`s also used for the census, and you can vote in local elections.

So next, the beauty salon, ( Spain is full of hairdressers, beauty salons and childrens` clothes shops!), and having had a pedicure and sporting my newly neon pink gelled toenails, I waited for my husband in a café nearby. I sat in the sun, and had a coffee under the most glorious Magnolia Grandiflora tree. Simple pleasures. I only noticed it, as I looked up to admire the bluest of skies , and I spied this giant of a tree with its glossy leaves and huge  (a foot across), creamy white, waxy fragrant flowers. Very special indeed.

The fish shop next. Always a treat, and having walked past this place so many times, we have started to go in at last. I love a family run shop. We bought a piece of the most delicious freshly cut Tuna from the local fishmonger Gutierrez. Fresh ruby red , meaty Tuna bears no resemblance to the tinned variety (however good), perfect after searing it in the griddle pan , served with fresh asparagus. A delicious supper.

We have also been given more of the best avocados ever from Maria next door, so a retro prawn cocktail in avocado supper is planned,( chop celery into it by the way -a good tip from Gordon Ramsey, whom I am really not a fan of, but I read this once yonks ago and it works). The avocados that grow a stones throw from our house , really are the best, the texture and taste is second to none ,and there is definitely a glut at the moment. Everyone here is living on them!

And to end the day of treats, ( after a dash to immerse in the cool water of the swimming pool, once home ), the post came. We tend to get deliveries early evening here , which is good as it avoids the annoying cards that you get left saying that no one was home, (often when you actually are!). Two parcels. Yippee! One containing my Jo Malone perfume-at last, as I was about to run out. I ordered it from their Spanish website with some difficulty. And a large box from Norfolk. My friend Jill  had very kindly took delivery for me of various items including two dresses for H&M, underwear from M&S, Pears soap,( my favourite and impossible to buy here), vitamins and most exciting of all-magazines!

 I could hardly contain myself as I ripped open the box. As well as missing the obvious when I am here, ( my son, our friends, the dog and so on!) I miss my interior magazines. So I can now drool over the latest issue of Tatler, House and Garden, and Homes and Garden. In the post the same day too, came a copy of a lovely Spanish Interiors magazine called Casas de Campo, posted by friends in Javea for me. So I am feeling back in touch, and very spoilt!

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