Beautiful Views

I should have written this post before the last one , because it was on Thursday morning that we headed back into town on various errands. It`s really the photos I wanted to post, as the light was just amazing. It was incredibly hot and clear, and with few people about, Nerja had never looked better. We like it empty! Everything was blue and white and sparkling. The sea was rough, but it made the views from the Balcon de Europa over the water, even more dramatic.

 I had just spent an hour in the very hot Town Hall, battling some necessary paper work ,with another armed policeman standing next to me the whole time- and trying to hear what the woman behind the counter was saying. Difficult to hear as she was wearing the obligatory mask, had a glass screen pulled down and was talking in rapid Spanish. I was not happy! But all done. One large descafenado later, sitting in almost empty Plaza, and having been able to purchase much needed Lancaster sun cream and makeup, I had calmed down enough to enjoy the stunning views.

I also popped back to Fruitas Carmina ,to buy a bag full of blushing apricots, more flat peaches, and ruby red strawberries . Wow they look good. The colours are incredible too. We are having a small birthday supper party tonight for our friends Anamari and her family, so the strawberries are being served with a gooey chocolate birthday cake.

As I write this, the church bells are ringing very loudly for Mass, which means I have to get my act together and jump in the shower. Not that I`m going to church, but everything is done in the village according to the bells, so we always know exactly what time it is. No excuses to be late for anything, including my own supper party.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Views

  1. In Nerja was a restaurant called Udo Heimer, a likeable if slightly arrogant German chap. I was running marathons at the time (to the caves ouside Nerja?) and I saw him smile when I ordered the pork knuckle (huge) but I loved the look of astonishment when I asked to see the dessert menu! 😀


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