Muy Limpio

We are being cleaned, well rather the village is. Maro has even just featured on local TV, as the Town Hall love to publicise the good things they do for the local district, and the Mayor of Maro and the Municipal Services Councilwoman have been filming today in the village square. Which, I have to say, is looking rather lovely with its dazzlingly white walls and vivid cascades of passionate pink flowers.

Since yesterday morning we have been inundated with men in white (and neon bibs and masks), cleaning, disinfecting , re plastering and painting the walls and steps, with copious amount of white paint , in order to make our village look in tip top condition. All the shrubs and bougainvillea have been pruned back neatly, and the village is ready for guests; as the bars and restaurants and hotels slowly start to open again, and sleepy Maro comes alive once more.

As a footnote, I have to tell you that I am fascinated by the woman who lives a few doors up from us. Every morning she walks to the village shop, and every morning she buys four litres of bleach. My husband often helps her carry it back to her house. Now, I love a bit of bleach, but I have no idea where she is putting it. She definitely gets the vote for the cleanest house in Maro!

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