Beach Days Beckon

Because I am a very organised person, and I like to think very law abiding too, I have not found the lockdown regime in Spain too difficult. There will always be people who take pleasure in casting clouds, but it works. Sure there have been frustrating and sad times, (we are trying to sell our house in the UK, we miss my son, our dog ,and good friends, and we worry about our aged and ill parents in their care homes), and scary times too, ( you wait until you come face to face with a member of the armed Guardia questioning you), but generally we have felt that the strict rules under which we have been living, have made us feel safe in our small village.

Of course the hot sun helps, and being in our own home with space and a swimming pool, has helped enormously too, as has the camaraderie of our friends and neighbours in Maro.

Every morning when I wake up, I walk barefoot out onto the upstairs terrace , one side shaded , the other baking in the heat, and delight at the sea and mountain views. It`s like a stage set that welcomes you, thyme and fennel scented above the sea.

I am loving the languorous afternoons in the still, hot sun. There has been ( an anathema for me), no timetable ,and no sense of time really.

But today, is a new day and we are moving into Phase two at last. The rules are easing once more and we have more freedom.

This week we are going to a beach restaurant with friends for supper, I am also cooking for our friend Ana`s birthday on Saturday, which should be a jolly evening eating outside with her family. There will be cake too.

And tomorrow we are going to the beach to swim in the sea! Hurrah.

Sadly we can`t go to our two favourite beaches, as the small bus that bumps its way down the long precipitous road to the wild El Canuelo beach (playing musica by George Ezra), isn’t running yet, and we are still not allowed to go to Bambu , as La Herradura is in Granada province, and we live in Malaga province, albeit ten minutes drive.

But we know a tiny white pebble and sand beach , watched over by tall mountains, that is not very far away at all. It usually features a lone fisherman hoping to catch Sea Bass or Octopus. We haven’t been there for ages , but I suddenly remembered how its gin clear waters would be the perfect spot for our first dip in the sea. I cant wait!

6 thoughts on “Beach Days Beckon

  1. Glad you are making the best of the situation and have things to look forward to. It is very hot here in Sussex and we are enjoying many hours in the garden. Good luck with the house sale.


  2. Sounds idyllic. We love El Canuelo beach, seems a world away from Burriana. We are hoping to be back soon and will be going to the quieter beaches. Have you ever been to Benjarafe? Lovely place with a massive beach that is completely chilled out. On the coast road past Torre del Mar, heading in dire ruin of Chilche. Two great restaurants, one of which is El Balandro. Sue


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