More goodies from the campo. This time eggs, both hen`s and quail`s.

The Quails have just started laying apparently. Don`t their tiny speckled eggs look good.

We are huge egg fans in our house , we adore boiled eggs or buttered eggs for breakfast, and they couldn`t be fresher than these , that were still warm when we received them!

The Spanish Tortilla (omelette), is a well-loved favourite, and a signature dish of every Tapas bar, made from eggs, potatoes and onions. Sometimes not even onions. It is eaten warm, sliced ,or cut into bite size cubes and served on cocktail sticks with a glass of wine or cerveza.

I like to make a slightly thinner version, using sautéed potatoes, feta cheese , chopped mint, and asparagus .But you could add jamon or prawns, or tiny peas and broad beans and make a supper out of it.

Quails eggs , that were once considered as a rather exotic thing to eat at a posh picnic, have become much more mainstream of late, and here in Spain they are very popular, as is the Quail ( cordorniz) itself to eat roasted. The delicate eggs are of course delicious, just soft boiled and dipped into celery salt, but we love to eat them how Francis at Rincon de le Tapas, here in the village serves them . He fries them (not easy as even cracking the shell is a bit of a nightmare) then adds them to a slice of tomato or thick cut pancetta on bread. The perfect Tapas!

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