So I ventured into Nerja town this morning on what must be the hottest day ever. Everyone is muttering about the heat. ` Mucho calor , mucho calor`. But it is exciting, after so long, to be able to walk around and engage with other people if only for a short while .

 I went to Hermoso in Calle Pintada, and purchased my esparto basket,( see previous blog post), everything in this house is kept either in a white basket or an esparto grass basket!

I then crossed the road to go to my favourite greengrocers shop, Frutas Carmina, which like the best of them , is very traditionally Spanish, and basically just a very dark ware-housey type space off the pavement. This one is bursting at the seams with local produce and huge bunches of fresh herbs. I have attempted to grow herbs in pots here, but without constant watering and shading from the sun, they are a no go. Today I bought flat, bloomy peaches, sweet melon, strawberries, cherries , chives and very excitingly a bunch of fresh white asparagus, which she gave me as a gift. So kind.

I last ate white asparagus about twenty years ago at the Mark Hotel in New York ,and it was divine. I have avoided it ever since ,as all I have ever seen is the tinned variety which is shocking , lying unappetisingly pale and limp on ghastly mixed salads. To be avoided at all costs!

So, we will have this perfect , white, fresh asparagus manana, probably with Jamon Iberico. A simple supper. I will report back!

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