Even though here in Andalucia we are not , unlike other provinces in Spain, allowed to move into Phase two tomorrow ( of four very clear, organised phases of easing out of lockdown), and there have been very disgruntled comments in the press and social media from local government, we are fortunate to be able to say that life ; from a freedom of movement point of view ,is changing for the better. We are still not allowed to go for a walk when we wish to, ( only at very specific times and for one hour only), face masks are obligatory outside of your house, and we are not allowed on the beaches , which is what I miss most of all. Indeed , we have helicopters flying over to check that people aren’t flouting the rules, and there is still action and heavy fines by the Guardia.

But, life has taken on a more usual feel to it. I have had deliveries from The White Company, Boden, and a gorgeous beach basket from a company called Crimson Cashmere, that I spied on Instagram. We have bought a new extra tall fridge, had it delivered, and our builder came to tweak the kitchen cupboards by chopping one up, so it fits. We have had a Tapas supper here last night with Spanish friends-so lovely, and tomorrow I am going to a shop that isn’t a supermarket-one of my favourite interiors shops, called Hermoso (that means beautiful), to buy yet another esparto grass basket (to keep magazines in ). Yes, I definitely have a thing about baskets!

Today, Sunday has been the hottest day ever, a quiet one too. Our routines are changing with the heat. We aren’t stuffing our faces with chocolate watching films, as much as we did. We are eating lighter food. We have brunch not breakfast , as domestic jobs are done early, and emails and work is done in the morning, before collapsing in the sun. Without the pool this extra hot weather ( for May), would be difficult to cope with, even though I love it. It has been 36 degrees every day for a week, ceiling fans on, duvets put away, sarongs and swimwear worn all day.

I play Spanish music now by the pool. I listen to flamenco by Jose Merce, and Spanish pop by (well he’s actually Portuguese!) Roberto Carlos , ( listen to Esse Cara Sou Eu), and Manuel Carrasco and David Bisbal, the only sounds today , here in our little world in Maro, apart from the incessant birdsong and splash of swimming pools. The hot sun makes you weary . In a good way, but everything slows down, so it`s just heat, and music and the smell of sun cream.

The church bells are ringing out for Mass once more too. Every Tuesday and Saturday. A welcome return, with the village elders dressed up in their finery, fanning their mask covered faces, walking slowly down our road to the church, keen to grab their usual seat, which is harder now that the number of people allowed in the church is limited. But it is important to them ,and I am glad that some semblance of normality has resumed.

We had planned to go to Bambu for lunch today , it is on the beach , so we could at least look at the sea! It was all booked, but then we realised that being in La Herradura, it is in Granada province , not Malaga, even though the border is only 100 metres away from the  entrance to our village. We are not allowed to move between provinces yet. So we will wait.

In the meantime, I am enjoying these somnolent afternoons reading in the hot, hot sun. You can almost smell the heat. And as I have said before, I am such an avid reader of books, it is such a treat.

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