Sunshine Blooms

On our walk around Maro yesterday evening, we were marvelling once again at the incredible ,(and incredibly yellow) shrub and tree, that grows along the wall and at the edge of the campo on the road down to the beach. It reminded me that we still hadn’t found out what it was. Every time we have had friends to stay, we asked those who were garden savvy if they knew. But this, coupled with me madly googling, gave us no results.

Last night I studied it a bit more carefully ; the large clusters of sunshine yellow flowers burst forth from a striking black spike or bract, similar in shape to that of the lupin, and I have at last discovered that it is a Cassis, a Popcorn Cassia at that!

It is native to Africa, so how it ended up in Maro I don’t know, but I expect it goes back to past times of travellers and invaders. If you rub its bright green almost frilly leaves , they give off a popcorn /peanut butter type scent, hence the name.

It loves basking in the hot sun (as I do!), so it`s in absolutely the right spot here, and it looks quite lovely nudging up to the worn stone remains of the old sugar factory that was once a thriving business in Maro.

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