This simple , very Spanish salad is one of my favourite things to make and eat. It is really little known outside of Spain, and it is the easiest thing to make, using fresh, local ingredients. It features in most tapas selections in local bars, which is where I first discovered it.

I made this bowl of Pipirrana last night using tomatoes, red and green peppers , onions and cucumber, all grown a few metres away. Douse liberally with a good green olive oil, and add  seasoning and flat leaf parsley and it`s done. Mop up all those delicious juices with fresh , rustic bread. A bowl of deliciousness!

But, it`s also good as an accompaniment to fish or steak, and even more delicious and quick if you add a little something extra to top it, add garlic, egg, octopus, or try really good quality tinned tuna-Ortiz is the best, ( great tin too), or these delicious slivers of taste ; smoked sardines, found in the supermarket here, and brought back to the UK by me, for us to share with our friends.

So, Pipirrana, a real taste of Spain, just add music and sunshine.

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